Sentry Studios Team

Sentry Studios is made up of talent from all over the globe. People who develop games in their free time not for money, but because it is what they love to do.

Job opportunities:

Although Sentry Studios is not actively looking for new people, feel free to get in touch if you think you have talent to offer.


  Jesse Taylor [warren]
Co-Founder, Animator
United States
Jesse helped conceive of Infiltration in early 1999 and formed Sentry Studios shortly after.

  Norbert Bogenrieder [beppo]
Lead Programmer
[ waiting on bio ]

  Michael Lawson [sublime]
Lead Beta Tester, Quality Control
United States
[ waiting on bio ]

  Martin Rauscher [chundermonkey]
3d Artist
United States
Get. Off. My. Lawn.

  Oliver Glassmann [Fenris]
3d Builder
Tricky mix of dedication, stubbornness and an urge for progress, handle with care. Permanently amazed how much there's still to learn and build.

  Ben Szlyk [ace]
Texture Artist
United States
[ waiting on bio ]

  Stefan Buscholl [neo]
Sound Design
[ waiting on bio ]

Location Design

  Alberto Leon jr. [Alpha_9]
Lead Level Designer
United States
Having been a fan of Infiltration since its Unreal days, Al joined the team in June 2001. He was like a kid in a candy store at first, but then realized this stuff is real work!

  Tony Swash [old geezer]
Level Designer
Is that really what raekwon looks like? I may have to reconsider working with him!

  Fabien Cortina [freon]
Level Designer
Fabien was recently recruited to Sentry Studios with Unreal Tournament 2003 in mind. He has experience with external 3d programs, a skill which is becoming a must for mappers.

  David Brown [DarkSniper]
Level Designer
United States
David spends so much time in the editor that he sees BSP holes in real life.


  Jeremy Cox
United States
Jeremy joined Sentry Studios in early 2002 to help keep everything running smoothly.

  Charles Fischer [daddybone]
Server Admin
United States
[ waiting on bio ]


  Chris Condon [RaekwoN]
Level Designer
The Land Down Under
One of the first location designers to join Sentry Studios, Chris has 8 years of level design experience under his belt.

  Samuel Ribeiro [magistrator]
Samuel is finishing a Master of Engineering in electronics and computer science, he joined Sentry Studios because he loves playing and making games.

  Janson Stone [funkstylz]
Level Designer
[ waiting on bio ]

  Mike Eheler [Los Pescados]
Level Designer
Proving once and for all, it's not what you know, but who you know.

  Benedict Tan Shan-Wen [shakken]
3d Artist, Military Consultant
I liek cheeze.


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