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Infiltration 2.9 Bonus Pack Released
September 19, 2004
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MiniUzi+Suppressor BulkFix! (for ServerAdmins)
PickupMenuFix ! (for ALL, not just server admins)

After a long wait, the Infiltration 2.9 Bonus Pack has now been released.  It includes these new weapons in mutator form:
  • G3A3 assault rifle
  • G36K assault rifle
  • Mini Uzi sub machine gun with suppressor attachment
  • MP5K PDW sub machine gun
  • 1911 Colt pistol
  • M136 AT4 Rocket Launcher
  • Door breaching charges

The pack also presents six new maps:

  • EAS-INF-Bocage by Old Geezer
  • EAS-INF-Dullrocks][ by Freon
  • EAS-INF-Pueblo by Old Geezer
  • EAS-INF-Raid by Old Geezer
  • EAS-INF-RoadToKandahar_Night by Alpha9, Freon, and Beppo
  • EAS-INF-TuscanyNight by RaekwoN

This bonus pack also contains some extras including

  • A mapper placeable, player controlled mortar
  • EAS AT4 pickup and target
  • New QuickAction (QA) and Equipment menu
  • H&K Mk23 and DE offset adjustment
  • RC.50 and M2HB now use correct property values
  • AimView mutator
  • Comvoices 1 & 2 voice packs
  • AdminCom mutator
  • Captive mutator
  • EASSwitch mutator
  • MultiMut mutator
  • NewWave mutator
  • NoBodyArmor mutator
  • SilentCapture mutator
  • TeamStay mutator
  • GameSwitcher mutator

For further information regarding the extras, see the accompanied readme's. It should be noted that a few of these maps are not held to the same standards as the official 2.9 maps. There may be BSP errors and performance issues due to the complexity of their design. Regardless, they still provide for terrific matches! There may also be some clipping issues experienced with the new weapons when using Direct3D. The bonus pack  is available in .zip and .exe formats. For the manual .zip version, extract all files to the appropriate folders in your UnrealTournament directory. When using the .exe installer, select your UnrealTournament directory and follow the instructions. You can download it from our downloads page, but we are also looking for mirrors. If you are interested, email Beppo or Jeremy.

Also being released today is the EAS Mapping Guide. RaekwoN put together this guide covering map layout, objective and extraction point setup, EAS actors and various tips to help you community mappers out there.

Sentry Studios would like to thank the many community members that contributed to this bonus pack. A pack of this magnitude would not be possible if they did not donate their time and talents to the cause. So, without further adieu, grab the download and hit the servers! Enjoy!

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Infiltration 2.9 Released!
December 1st, 2003
Infiltration v2.9 can be downloaded from our downloads section.

We would like to thank our entire community for making this release such a success. A special thanks goes out to all our mirrors who helped us to serve over 5,000 downloads of the main installer in the first 6 hours. We would also like to thank Giga for giving us the opportunity to launch live on television and all the news sites that have covered the release. Thanks to you, this site received almost 30,000 hits in 24 hours, and it looks like we may hit 60,000 over 48 hours.
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Infiltration 2.9 Release Specifics
November 29th, 2003
So, the Infiltration 2.9 CDs have shipped (with some even receiving them yesterday), and we have announced we will release to the public on Monday. What else could we have for you? A Lot.

The online release of Infiltration 2.9 will happen live on German television. Norbert 'Beppo' Bogenrieder, our programmer, will be going live on Giga, a show on NBC Germany, for about half an hour to show off 2.9 and officially release it to the public. The show takes place Monday night from 10:00 PM to midnight German time (GMT+1), making it at 4:00 to 6:00 PM EST. Live webcasts (in German) will be available, as well as a live translation in English on an IRC channel. We will then post a download of the segment on our site as soon as we can get ahold of it.

ISDN stream:
DSL stream:

The live IRC transcript will be in #inftv on I have also set up a java IRC client for those of you without IRC already.

Now a brief note about the potential for those who've already received their CDs to make it available online themselves. We can't do anything to stop you from doing that, but we'd greatly appreciate it if you didn't. We'd appreciate your support in making the release event Monday night as successful as possible. Those who do make it available and post links in our official forums and IRC channel will be banned from these, and the posts will be deleted. Infiltration 2.9 has been a long time coming, and we want the release to be as memorable as possible.

Thanks again for your support!
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Infiltration 2.9 is Gold!
October 3, 2003
After two years of development, and no small investment of blood, sweat, and tears (well as much as you get in this business ;) ), we?re delighted to finally be able to announce that the next, and greatest version of Infiltration has indeed gone gold. That?s right, Infiltration 2.9 IS GOLD!! The master CD is all set and ready to go to press, and a new day for INF fans is approaching fast!

Now keep in mind this does not mean the release will be tomorrow, or even next week. Before the full online release, the CDs need to be pressed, shipped back to us, packaged, and then shipped out to purchasers. This is a process that will take us 3 or 4 weeks, or possibly (but hopefully not) more, depending on how smoothly these logistics work out. But rest assured the game is now 100% complete.

Yes, It?s Done.

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Sentry Studios interview
September 27, 2003
Our friends over at HomeLAN were kind enough to do an interview with us, which they've posted on their site: It has some additional information and insights into INF 2.9 and its development which you may not have seen before, so check it out!
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The Home Stretch
September 21, 2003
Not to offer any excuses for the recent lack of news, but it's been a busy summer personally for many of us on the team, and we've had to deal with some technical and logistical difficulties that have held things up for a bit as well. But things truly are coming together now, and we are in fact in the final stages of getting this much-anticipated (and admittedly delayed) version 2.9 released to you all.
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May 29, 2003
Sentry Studios now has a place to call home! has been launched as a place for people to learn more about the creators of Infiltration.
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