About Sentry Studios

Founded in the winter of 2000, Sentry Studios came together as a group of professional-minded individuals with a desire for high quality, realistic entertainment. With an unequaled attention to detail, projects like Infiltration will be the bedrock of class in future game titles. Our desire is to create innovative, pragmatic experiences in both a fantastic and realistic nature, providing inspirational environments that entertain and encompass.

Presently, we are continuing our development of a free project for the Unreal engine entitled Infiltration. In it's current state, the Infiltration project is represented by modern day combat and is unique in itself, not only because of it's method of realism, but it's ability to present the player with situations in any part of the world. It's not limited to a specific genre, and as such, campaigns can be created with virtually any form of struggle in mind. A player might enjoy close quarter battles and select from a handful of urban-based missions, or prefer more open field combat with tanks and air support. Whether it's a localized skirmish or a full-blown war, Infiltration can provide the setting and the immersion.



September 19, 2004
  After a long wait, the Infiltration 2.9 Bonus Pack has now been released.

December 1st, 2003
  Infiltration 2.9 has been released

November 29th, 2003
  Infiltration 2.9 will be released live on German TV.

October 3, 2003
  Hell has frozen over and Infiltration 2.9 is GOLD!

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